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WOLFNI is located in the International Energy Industry Port,(Longquanyi Zone) Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. The company west side is adjacent to the FAW TOYOTA, on the east side is close to Geely, Volvo,Dayun car. on the north by FAW Volkswagen, the industry central position is very obvious, The north side of the company is the government planning to build 2000 acres of wetland park and municipal supporting land,In the future,business, leisure, entertainment and other equipment will also be finished. 

WOLFNI total area of 118 acres, total construction area of 38 thousand square meters, also equipped with standard plant building(total 12000 square meters, A layer of 3700 square meters,3 floors in total ), office building, workshop, staff apartments comprehensive building, company has four motor vehicle access, and 1 business pavement;



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         Although comfortable office environment was not the key to stimulate hard work, it can cause people to work diligently, full of ambition.

Neat tables and chairs to let employees focus on work and diligently concentrated. White office table let people work carefully and hardly.Light grey table full of fashion flavor, arouse deep inner inspiration to work out of mind.

The clean ground is like everyone's mind, with steady broad heart holds everyone, using the whole shoulder to bear all the responsibility and create a nice day for everyone, clean and tidy ground bring good mood belongs to you, belong to me, belong to him, belongs to all of us!

Office desk data neatly placed can let a person open mind and clear the main emphasis of the work, also concentrate on work in a comfortable environment to maintain a clear working state, this is a best gift for the team.

The slogans and rules on the wall inspired each employee to work hard, not only create wealth for team, but also to inject with full confidence for themselves.



oil drill tools wolfni.jpg

Production line has many sets of five-axis milling compound machining center, five axis vertical machining center and other mechanical automatic processing equipment,heat treatment equipment, welding equipment, products need programming processing after design, this will highly improve working efficiency and product precision.

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